Useful Information about Briquettes vs. Lump Charcoal

There are a majority of people who are considered to be very perfect barbecue enthusiasts. As such, most of them are involved in debating of the type of fire to use when it comes to briquettes vs. lump charcoal. In order to come up with the best fire type, it is important to put the pros and cons of each type of fire. This is because there are some projects that tend to respond perfectly as compared to others. In order to know which is the best between briquettes and lump charcoal, it is important to use the below given criterion.
When it comes to briquettes vs. lump charcoal, it is important to note that briquettes are relatively cheap compared to lump charcoal. On the other hand, lump charcoal produces less ash compared to briquettes. The other thing is that lump charcoal tends to ignite very fast reaching hotter temperatures very fast compared to briquettes.
The pieces of lump charcoal tend to pop up which at times can cause some hazards compared to briquettes which are completely the opposite. When it comes to briquettes, they are quite challenging when it comes to light them and at the same time they leave a mess of ash. In addition to this, they produce a chemical smell during their burning session which can be toxic to human beings compared to lump charcoal.

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